Friday, July 18, 2014

the struggle is real.

So i've never even ACKNOWLEDGED the Nordstrom sale before, but hello how have I been missing this? Also, why did my free spending self not save all my dollars for this event? The struggle is real y'all. If anyone is feeling extra generous, I'll just take everything.
Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. Prices go up August 4. 

I laid in bed thinking of every excused possible to not get up and go to the gym this morning.
Oh you can go at lunch.
It's raining, no one gets up and goes to the gym when it's raining.
You haven't eaten THAT bad this week.
You know what? I got my lazy ass up and went AND I have some manly busted knuckles to prove it.

Tonight I am heading home for my family's annual "Piggz Girls Extravaganza". My mom's maiden name is Pigg, (hilarious right?) and every year all the girls get together and go to Patti's and rent a cabin on the lake. It is always the BEST time, but this year is going to be a little sad. We lost my Grandma Pigg back in February. She lived 91 FANTASTIC years, but naturally it'll be a little sad without the life of the party there. I can't wait to see everyone and celebrate her with a 2 inch porkhop, flowerpot bread, and lots of memories!
Tomorrow is my very first Blue Avenue House party. Yay for exciting business progress!

I found some pink pewter headbands for a STEAL and I cannot wait to rock them. Anyone else loving this trend???
Also, I ordered a tripod! So we are one step closer to tutorial business y'all!

happy friday y'all!!!

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Pass me the baton, I'm ready

Hola ladies!

Sadly no glam series today, but I am SO excited to be holding the Blog Baton for the day! 
I know you have all been dying to see what a day in the life of a super hot mess is so, join the fun!
instagram: @theblogbaton
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Tuesday, July 15, 2014

lets be honest

no pants are the best pants

taking your own box of wine to the pool is always a good idea

having a baby is terrifying, but shopping for them is the best. (hello best of both worlds at aunt status)
life is better in the summer

it's not easy being a ginger

garth not announcing his entire tour is killing me

tops are better 15% off ;)
 I will never be able to take a bouquet of peonies and make them look like this

 being yourself is the best kind of self

Did I miss anything?

Friday, July 11, 2014

shows and clothes

I'm not complaining, I'm really not. HOWEVER, not getting home until after 10pm three nights this week will really cramp a girl's style. Especially, her blogging style.
It's been a good week and a rewarding week, with a dash of crazy.

Krystal Keith at the Opry
Krystal had her Opry debut this week and it was just one of those things that everyone should get to experience. She truly has a heart of gold and seeing her dream come true right before our eyes, was amazing. Also, the backstage access of the Grand Ole Opry wasn't too shabby either ;).

This video is AMAZING and I literally laugh everytime I watch it. Josh is such a cool guy and his talent is just over the top. Check out his video premiere today on CMT!
Ok, sorry enough about work.
Our weekend consists of NO plans. I can't even wrap my mind around this. Sadly, I am afraid it will result in cleaning out the garage.

I definitely want to make this lemonade this weekend. I am an avid lover of anything ginger and adding a little vodka to the concoction sounds PERFECT.

I am in love with this dress.
I definitely snagged one for myself, shocking I know ;).
use LOVEALWAYS for 10% off your Blue Avenue purchase!

I just love this.
that's all

my handsome groom has a birthday coming up.
I am completely stumped about what to get him.
WHY OH WHY are boys so damn hard to buy for??

I have some Piperlime reward dollars burning a hole in my pocket and I think it's about time to start spending them. I mean hello, look at this.
I'm by no means ready for Fall, but I am ready for this to make a permanent residency in my closet.

Also, I am ready for the Nordstrom sale to be available for all the peons without a Nordstrom card.
Can I get an amen or can I get an amen??

I am off to power through today and dream of my ginger lemonade with a double shot of the V waiting for me at home.

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