Friday, July 25, 2014

oh happy day!

ahh went to the gym this morning, it's friday, and it's been a great week. 
hi im being cheesy because let's be honest focusing on the positives make life so much better.
Literally clicking submit yesterday was the highlight of my week. We threw around all of the places I talked about on Wednesday, but when it came down to it we realized we didn't want to plan a damn thing.
We found a fantastic deal and soon enough I will be spending 7 days in this Cancun slice of heaven.
I can't even.  Now to get a new passport. I cannot even imagine how painful that's gonna be.
Any advice??
We are headed to the KY this weekend to celebrate my nephew's birthday. He's a total doll baby and I love him so much! My sister got 100% of the party planning genes in our family so I cannot wait to share all of her festiveness!
Yesterday for the we went to Edley's BBQ and the Peach Truck had taken over their menu! I got a side of the Peach Cobbler with my meal and I am still dreaming of it. THANKFULLY, they shared their recipe. Now I just need a sack of georgia peaches and I am SET! If you are a Nashville resident or visiting in the summer, you have got to find this truck!!
The Nashville Cosmetic Market had a deal on all Oribe hair products. If you spent $50 dollars you got a FREE FULL SIZE bottle of texture spray. Yes, you read that correctly.
 A co-worker and I put in $25 and each got a bottle and a few other goodies. I cannot wait to use it!

I also had a $40 credit to Piperlime and Oldnavy so I snagged a few favorites.
Crsystal Necklace | Rockstar Skinnies| Cargo Vest| Workout Tank
I have been dying for a crystal necklace for so long. thank you reward dollars!!!
Can you see why this has been such a good week?
To keep my run of good luck up I am offering 20% Blue Avenue purchases TODAY only!
Grab some of our new arrivals and receive free shipping!

Happy weekend ladies!!!!

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Wedding Wednesday: Here or There

2 months until 1 year of marriage
and nearly two months until momma has her toes in the sand!
My beloved MIL has offered us her timeshare for our anniversary and naturally we will be taking full advantage of this vacation opportunity! 
We are limited on locations so we have it down to three.
I need opinions!
We are torn between Myrtle Beach, Destin, and Fort Lauderdale.
They all have their perks and downfalls and honestly we would be happy with any of them.
Destin is closest, but we have been before.
Fort Lauderdale is the nicest, but it's a heck of a haul.
Myrtle Beach's resort isn't on the beach, but we have never been.
SO help me make this decision.
Tell me about all the foods, all the shopping, and all the  things we can do in any of these places!
Regardless, I am counting down the days for a getaway with T!!!!!

Friday, July 18, 2014

the struggle is real.

So i've never even ACKNOWLEDGED the Nordstrom sale before, but hello how have I been missing this? Also, why did my free spending self not save all my dollars for this event? The struggle is real y'all. If anyone is feeling extra generous, I'll just take everything.
Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. Prices go up August 4. 

I laid in bed thinking of every excused possible to not get up and go to the gym this morning.
Oh you can go at lunch.
It's raining, no one gets up and goes to the gym when it's raining.
You haven't eaten THAT bad this week.
You know what? I got my lazy ass up and went AND I have some manly busted knuckles to prove it.

Tonight I am heading home for my family's annual "Piggz Girls Extravaganza". My mom's maiden name is Pigg, (hilarious right?) and every year all the girls get together and go to Patti's and rent a cabin on the lake. It is always the BEST time, but this year is going to be a little sad. We lost my Grandma Pigg back in February. She lived 91 FANTASTIC years, but naturally it'll be a little sad without the life of the party there. I can't wait to see everyone and celebrate her with a 2 inch porkhop, flowerpot bread, and lots of memories!
Tomorrow is my very first Blue Avenue House party. Yay for exciting business progress!

I found some pink pewter headbands for a STEAL and I cannot wait to rock them. Anyone else loving this trend???
Also, I ordered a tripod! So we are one step closer to tutorial business y'all!

happy friday y'all!!!

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Pass me the baton, I'm ready

Hola ladies!

Sadly no glam series today, but I am SO excited to be holding the Blog Baton for the day! 
I know you have all been dying to see what a day in the life of a super hot mess is so, join the fun!
instagram: @theblogbaton
instagram: @nancyjordon

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