Thursday, June 25, 2015

A Short and Sweet Six Month Update

Why hello there,

It has been a hot minute, hasn't it? #PettyPartyof2 is indeed still kicking and we are chugging right along. If you have been following along on Instagram, you'll know we're alive and well. These past eight months have been HARD. I've worked harder, loved harder, cried harder, and laughed harder than I ever have before.

Last year right before Thanksgiving I found out that I, along with all of my coworkers, were losing our jobs. I was upset that I was losing my job, but even more upset that I wouldn't be spending my days with co-workers who I had grown to love. Thankfully, I was able to find a new job in January and kick off the new year with a new job and a fresh outlook.  This job has been challenging, kept me on my toes, given me newfound confidence in myself, and presented me with opportunities of a lifetime. I am so thankful for a career that allows me to continue learning about the music industry and allows me to do a job that I love. My heart lies in music and it's a blessing I spend my days contributing to something that I am so passionate about. Long story short I'm insanely busy and I never know what day of the week it is, BUT I'm making it.

T has been pretty fantastic. It's be TOUGH with my schedule and trying to make sure we always set aside plenty of time for one another. We are in a good groove now and he has taken complete control of our kitchen. I normally don't get home until 8pm, so he has turned into a first-class Chef Boyardee! We're just livin' on love and buyin' on time.
cma fest 2015
Blue Avenue, is still happening somehow in my non-existent spare time. I probably should give it up, but I'm emotionally attached and I just can't. I mean when you keep getting in cute piece like these how are you supposed to stop? {insert so many heart eye emojis}

I am still a boxed wine connoisseur and I still spend way to much money on my closet.  I am finally finding my balance and hope to be back on the grind soon. I've missed everyone and can't wait to finally get caught up.
Until then, I'll keep chasin that neon rainbow and livin' that honkytonk dream.

Friday, December 12, 2014

Oh hi there

I swear I'm alive.
These past weeks have just been something.
Without going into too many details, they have been trying. There have been lots of questions with no answers and plenty of praises for my fantastic husband. I know I brag on T quite a bit, but seriously I am so thankful for his love and patience with me. Because hello, I don't handle stress the best.
Anyways, I wanted to check in and share a few favorites as of late!

1. THIS song.
Um have you heard this? I think it's impossible to be in a bad mood when you hear this

2. THIS hat
I literally have not stopped thinking about it since I snapped this selfie in Nordstrom. 
I hope Santa saw it too!

3. THIS Blanket Ladder
It looks pretty painless and I like to think we could recreate it??
Anyone else tried to master one of these?

4. Power Lip
I have been loving the bold lip this season! I stumbled accross this on Pinterest and I definitely plan to use my 20% off coupon at Ulta to snag a few of these!

5. THIS eCard
Because im nearly 25 and still cannot add fractions, but I can figure out Cashback on any ebates purchase like a boss.


Wednesday, November 26, 2014

I confess

+ That I watched Dumb & Dumber for the FIRST TIME EVER this past weekend. I know, who am I?
+I cannot WAIT to Black Friday shop with my sweet MIL
+ My gym game has been bad. like real bad. like motivation where the hell are you?
+ Tyler took me to an MMA fight last Saturday. I felt like I was in the middle of fight-club. This was one of those nights that vodka tonics are such a blessing.
+ I'm obsessed with the hot pinkness of this vest.
+My cracked iPhone screen is starting to drive me crazy. It's been cracked for 2 years, but just now am I starting to get bothered by it.
+ I made these this weekend and I am fairly certain they sent everyone into a diabetic coma. but they were all gone.
+I am starting to live for the weekends where we have zero plans. #itneverhappens
+I am more than ready to slide into a Tryptophan coma these next few days with our families.

Happy Thanksgiving Friends! I am oh so thankful that our blog worlds have collided!

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Stocking Stuffer Favorites

How is Christmas only one month away?! So excited to link up with the pretty momma to be, Elise!

 Growing up, opening our stocking was the highlight of Christmas morning! My mom always knocks it out of the park with our stocking stuffers and puts SO much thought into each one!

Stocking Stuffers

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