Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Ever feel like you just aren't #winning?

caution: this is longwinded and will come across whiney.
you are warned
Ever have one of those days where you just feel defeated? 
You know where the most ridiculous things are happening right before you eyes and you can't believe it? And instead of just crying or pouring an extra large glass of pinot, you just have to laugh.
Last night this me. 
Except I am not gonna lie, the wine sounded much better than laughing.
still does.
I came home DETERMINED to take photos for my store. I hate relying on Tyler and I was all Miss Independent up in my little guest bedroom trying to crank things out. ( Tyler was at soccer and was unable to help me, so that's what stemmed this)
Blue Avenue headquarters are far from fancy. There is no " pinspired office to be had", there are clothing racks consuming my guest bedroom and now my living room, and  shipping supplies are strung all over my house. It's just me and my husband, packaging up clothes every night to some really awesome girls.
Anyways, I am trying to snap some photos and then my tripod breaks.
Then, I tried to make a white background. You know because ALL boutiques HAVE TO HAVE white background photos or else you will go out of business and the world will end.
and... my background attempt looks GHETTO AS HELL. like real ghetto.
like jordon, just stop.
THEN I try to make this work and guess what?
My favorite picture frame falls to the floor and shatters.
Triple cool.
Long story short, I did take some pictures and they looked awful.
Awful as in, no one will ever see them because I am vain like that. #noshame.
However, this is my attempt in trying to keep it real.
I tend to always share the positives and very few of the negatives.
I love this little store of mine, but there are days where throwing in the towel sounds a hell of alot better, I'm not going to lie.
So thanks for sticking around for the good, the bad, and the shitty pictures.
A wise man once said you just gotta keep on keepin' on..

That wise man, was Joe Dirt..

Tuesday, September 16, 2014


+ I am LOVING the show revenge. 
Have you seen this show??
I cannot get enough of my shows lately.

+want THIS drink 24/7.
I dabbled with Maker's Mark this past weekend and I loved
every second of that KY bourbon running through my veins.
Give me a little lemonade on the side and I am a happy little lady.

+That cannot believe I am oh so close
to this..

+ love THIS Alex & Ani, because well
 I want all the A&As.

+my workouts have BLOWN lately.
Thankfully my diet has been pretty clean, so it hasn't been the complete end of the world.
If you find my motivation, please return to me asap!

+stunned that my one year anniversary is next weekend.
how is that even possible?
better yet, how has he put up with me for another year?!

+I am searching for the perfect anniversary card.
We are forgoing gifts and are writing letters/cards instead.
Keeping the tradition and saving some dolla bills all in one.
Anyways, if you have a custom go to, send them my way please!

Any currently's from you??

Blue Avenue New Arrivals are live online!
Use the code LOVEALWAYS for 10% off your purchase.

Friday, September 12, 2014

concert going friday

friday morning, good to see ya.
where have you been? I have been waiting 40 long workin' hours for you.....
Anyways, we have a show tomorrow and we are headed out tonight for Indianapolis.
The show tomorrow night is at an outdoor venue and it is supposed to get down to 44 DEGREES?
Thankfully I will have beers, my new cargo vest, and booties to keep me warm.
But seriously colder weather, back the hell up.
Budweiser shown because when you go to a Toby Keith concert, you drink the most American thing you can find.
concert attire

I have been craving some maroon polish and since I am dressing for Fall, I feel like it's finally appropriate?I have this Butter London and LOVE it.

Sundy Best totally knocked it out of the park with this new song, This Country.
I never chat about politics or leadership, but this song is cool and I love these KY boys.

Ulta's 21 Days of Beauty are currently going and I literally want to go everyday.
Definitely will be snagging this tomorrow for $10 and this next week for $20!

Toms & Target are partnering up this holiday season and I am loving everything I have seen so far. I am 100% team Blake Mycoskie. 
I heard him speak in college once and I swear he is extremely brilliant and has the biggest heart.

Last but not least today is the last day to pre-order  the "J. Crew Inspired Vest" from Blue Avenue!.
This is the vest we all have pinned 1,00 times on Pinterest and it is a Fall staple.
They $55 and they will arrive mid- October.
They run true to size, unless you plan to layer with extra bulky sweaters. (Then I advise to size up).
You can comment below with your size and email address and I will shoot you a Paypal invoice asap!
I have had several orders for these and I cannot wait for them to be here!!!
( I am a size 4, on the bustier size and I ordered a small).

Happy Friday Friends!

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

What do y'all fight about?

I found this video on Buzzfeed earlier this week and it is hysterically true.
I will be the first to admit Tyler and I don't really fight.
We have both had some bad relationships previously that revolved around arguing and we've always said, that wouldn't be us.
Do we have little spats?
A few week's ago he didn't feel like taking Blue Avenue photos and that somehow got twisted into him not supporting me or my business.
Dramatic much Jordon..?
 So yes we bicker, but there's no name calling or going to bed mad in the Petty household.
Anyways, watch this hilarious video.
We were literally laughing out loud.
We are coming up on our one year anniversary and picking our battles has made all the difference.
Tyler doesn't believe in putting his shoes in the closet and I can never decide where to eat, but fighting/nagging about those quirks don't make it any better.
You don't marry someone to change them.
You marry them to embrace the weirdness and love them everyday more than you did the day before.

What stupid thing do you and your partner fight about??
I can't wait to see some answers!
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