Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Ulta 20% Off Coupon

Keeping it short and sweet today, but I had to share some of my Ulta favorites that I will be stocking up on with my 20% off coupon!
All of these items have the Jordon stamp of approval!

Ulta 20% off finds

Friday, October 17, 2014

A little fall TLC

My closet needs some TLC this Fall because I have parted with SEVERAL bags of clothes over the past few months. Am I allowed to say my wardrobe is maturing at the age of 24? 
Ok, well my wardrobe is maturing and i'm in like flynn. 
lusting over the olive and oatmeal as well. my every season staple is my leopard scarf. thankfully this is another outfit that compliments it oh so well.

Plaid for the win
Another fabulous Target find.
Seriously, why/how do they have to have the CUTEST things?!

I am loving all of the infinity chunkiness going on this season.
Scarves. give me all the scarves. 
They can be found here. 
I heard the store owner was super cool and even offers free shipping on all orders ;).

I am a firm believer in hats and this season is no different! Thankfully, my job allows headwear so I think I need to make some room in the closet for these fabulous finds!

KS Love
 and what would a post of mine be without a little Kendra Scott love thrown in for good measure.
I really hope santa sees this post.
or my pinterest.
or my notes I leave around the house.
or catches my not so subtle hits about this necklace.. :)

Happy Weekend Ladies!
I am hosting another home party in Nashville this weekend. If you are intown or live close, email me and I will send you the location! I'd love to see some familiar faces!!!!

Monday, October 13, 2014

a productive weekend, FINALLY

we are so on the go go go all the time and never really allow for weekends of deepcleaning, meal prepping, and just RELAXING. Is anyone else like this? Our philosophy is, if there is something going on, we want to be a part of it. Which is all fine and dandy until your house strongly resembles a war zone and your fridge is bare to the bone.
This weekend we planned and promised to not get ourselves into anything. Our little home needed some TLC and obviously I HAD to see Gone Girl. ;)

Friday Night we planned our date night for a little dinner and a movie.
We went to see Ben Affleck in all of his glory and the movie did not disappoint!
They definitely left out parts from the book that I thought were important, but nonetheless I was impressed with the movie.
T and I also opted to sneak some bota boxes in the theater because we are that couple.
  I am a firm believer in bringing your own goods to the theater, boozy or not.

Saturday we were up and at 'm at 8am ready to tackle our home. Blue Avenue has taken over our home and it needed to get back under control ASAP!
We also caught up on all vacation laundry, cooking, AND still had time to watch UK head on to a 5-1 season.

That night we mixed up some cocktails, placed bets on the NASCAR race and I tried my best to be a diligent race lover's wife. Normally when ginger vodka and money is involved, I can pretend to like anything. There was a fight at the end, so naturally that brought out the whitetrash in me and rekindled my interest at the end.

Yesterday was spent recovering and trying my best to ward off some intense allergies.
There may or may not have been 8 episodes of SVU watched and thoroughly enjoyed :).

Anywho, Happy Monday and check out some new arrivals over at Blue Avenue!
Kinda obsessing over this vest!

Friday, October 10, 2014

five on friday!

woohoo the five on friday series is back! Tis has by far been one of my favorite linkups since I have started blogging!
1. Best of Me Movie Premiere
I got invited to The Best Of Me premiere last night in Nashville and it was SUPER cool. The movie was your typical Nicholas Sparks cryfest, but the after movie entertainment was absolutely amazing. Colbie Caillat, Thomas Rhett, and Lady A all gave private performances. Needless to say, I was blown away and could have just listened to them sing all night. There is something about raw accoustic music that just gets me everytime. There is a video of Colbie Caillat on my instagram, you MUST listen to. You wanna talk about talent, she is where it is at!
Also, I was kinda obsessed with my outfit

2. Bustin out the Fall
Naturally all of our fall decor is stuck in the very back of our attic. Lucky for us, we are going to dig it out this weekend. I am finally getting into the fall spirit and I cannot wait for the smell of pumpkins and apples to  seep through our house. This yankee candle is my personal favorite.
 3. Gone Girl
Holy gone girl. We are going to see the movie TONIGHT and I cannot wait! Did you read the book? I am so glad I did before seeing the movie, regardless of the shitty ending. 
Also, I have been saving my calories all week for some movie popcorn.. #dontjudge

4. eCard of the Week
yes mam.

5. Blue Avenue Blogger Love
I had two fabulous bloggers share some Blue Avenue last week and they looked AMAZING! Make sure you check out Ashley & Erin's posts! Both items are in stock!

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