Friday, August 29, 2014

1pm where are you

No seriously, 1pm hurry yourself on up.
I have a jcrew factory sale to raid and a trip to KY to make.
I am STRONG eying this j.crew find even though it'll be 4 more months before I can wear it.

I also did some minor damage yesterday for the old navy sale. Reward dollars and sales seem to always work in my favor. LOVE this graphic tee for fall paired with my leather pants and I am thinking adding a red monogram to the baseball tee will be perfect for titans games!
and I kinda bought myself this blue avenue top yesterday because we had a girl's night last night and I HAD TO HAVE SOMETHING NEW.
I'm ridiculous.

 We went to Moto Nashville and it was good, but so out of my comfort zone. When I think pasta I think Fazolis, not black spaghetti made with squid ink. Anyways, it was SO yummy and I have really pretty friends so there's that.
They also had a wine cellar with a chandalier. I just wanted to sit in there all night, but apparently that's frowned upon and one bottle was worth more than my life.

I am headed home this weekend to celebrate my gorgeous mom's birthday and a 3 day weekend. 
Damn, I have some good genes. #hotmomalert

Happy Birthday Mom, I love you oh so much. 

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

confesh sesh

I haven't done one of these in a while, so here we are.

- i confess that this weekend was not near as bad as I expected it to be.. more on that later

- i confess that our vacation can not come soon enough

- i confess that I had a business consultation with helene and she was AMAZING. Whether you are wanting to build your blog or your business, she is your gal.

- i confess that I am so not ready for summer to be over

 -on that note I confess I really really really despise pumpkin flavored anything and the thought of a PSL makes me wanna vom

- i confess that finding the perfect pair of black heels (that won't rob my savings) is not as easy as it should be.

-i confess my heart jumps when I see orders come through and see girls in their blue avenue buys.

-i confess my workout regimen has SUCKED these past few weeks.

- i confess that  nothing sounds better than a 3 day weekend right about now

-however, i confess work functions aren't so terrible when this is your view

- i confess that this post just took my terrible blogging habits to a all time low.

Friday, August 22, 2014

you can find me in a field.

that's right today is the day I begin my travels to Bristol, TN for the NASCAR camping extravaganza. Prayers for patience are welcomed with open arms. Lord knows, I need them.
First, this guy released his album and it's awesome.  Joel came aboard about the same time I did, so it has been super exciting to see him and his career take off.
My favorite tracks are Even The River Runs and Summer Love.
I also got to see him at the Opry on for his album release and le sigh, that place never gets old.
So much history lies on that stage and  I simply cannot get enough of it.
I was also like 2 feet from Carrie Underwood at one point, so that could have contributed to the fantastic evening.
This video y'allholy hell I laughed so hard. Can I just be adopted into this family?

Momma got a little raise this week, so I am thinking a pair of these makes for a good
"hard work" present.
ok sorry. moving on.
My scandal binging has continued this week also.
Shiz is getting really real up in the whitehouse. I'm only on season 3 and I hear it only gets better.
Olivia, I love you and your big ass wine glasses.

In honor of my weekend in hell, weekend getaway, I am giving a little discount to all of my loyal ladies!
Use the code NASCAR for 20% off your Blue Avenue purchases. :)
The code lasts through tomorrow so you can watch the race and then celebrate with a purchase after.
These are three of my recent faves :)

Alright vroom-vroom. I'm off to run through several bottles of dry shampoo, beer, and hand sanitizer.
Look for me on TV.

Friday, August 15, 2014

I have used way to many hashtags..

lord have mercy did anyone else's week drag on?
I am pretty sure yesterday was the longest day ever...
Needless to say, I am super excited for this weekend and can't wait to celebrate my favorite birthday boy!

Tonight we are going to a SEC kickoff party! While UK football has a way to come in the SEC, I love any excuse to wear my blue and shout the CATS cheer at any given moment.
Tomorrow is a mani-pedi date with my MIL. Is it weird I am already thinking neutrals and light browns??

I got shut down for anniversary photos and I am sad.
Is using a wedding photo 2 years in a row on a christmas card frowned up?
Maybe I can photoshop to the above together?
#kidding... #kinda... #theywereexpensive #Ishouldgettousethemforthenext10years

I have a love affair with this shirt.
Also, Sarah's giveaway is still running for a $25 Blue Avenue Giftcard.

Last but not least, I'd do some pretty embarrassing things for a donut right about now.
I'm off to search for donut delivery services and If you made it this far, you go glen coco
#Ineedcontent #strugglestreet
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