Wednesday, October 29, 2014

I confess

+Our Christmas Cards are ordered. Holla for not procrastinating!

+ I plan to sneak mini maker's bottles in my boots this weekend for Garth. & Here is a bourbon lesson for everyone.

+t I agreed to run a 5k and I don't want to train/run in the cold. However, I'm treating myself to a race outfit so that helps things.

+ I'm dressing up as a dirty Mexican for our office Halloween party on Friday and plan to carry a bottle of tequila around with me all day.

+ That I think I have a shopping problem. Actually I know I do... moving on..
+ We have 2 boxes of wine in our fridge right now. Call it a His&Hers. Tyler won't drink red and my taste buds have transitioned into not loving white until next summer.

+I just want to be a member of this family. Seriously, how are they so cool?
+Quote searching  on Pinterest is good for the soul

What are you confessing!
Here's to Wine Wednesday!

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Steals & Splurges

Aren't we all trying to save a few dollars here and there?
This post contains some of my favorite products at higher price points and the lowest of price points!
Dry Shampoo 
I will say the REDKEN is better and makes your hair last longer between washes. However, it isn't cheap. I normally can get two more days out of my washes with the REDKEN, but The Suave works great as well. The Suave does leave white residue, but it smells fabulous.
So, pick your poison
The price difference is about $14 dollars.

Blush Bronzer Set
Both of these are good, but Urban Decay wins in my book. The pigment is better and I like the highlight strip in the middle. The ELF is good for vacation and a quick makeup throw on. 
These vary about $30 in price, but are both worth the money to have.

                Too Faced Better Than Sex    vs.     L'Oreal Voluminous Butterfly Mascara
Love both of these equally. I use the L'Oreal daily and receive  a lot of compliments on my lashes.  I keep the Better Than Sex to throw on for special occasions, so I like having them both!  IMO You have to have the L'Oreal and you can't beat the price. If you have reward dollars or a coupon, grab the Too Faced also.

Sunless Tanner
 I know I have sworn by St. Tropez for years, but I have a new sunless tanner love affair going. The Victoria's Secret Sunless tanner is the BEST thing I have ever used for sunless tanning. Zero streaking and it smells fantastic. Tyler even always tells me I smell good after I put it on. Those compliments are far and few between after applying sunless tanner my friends. 
Let's be honest.
Victoria's Secret it out and I want everyone to know it.
It does have a shimmer after applying, but once you shower the shimmer is gone and the tan lasts for 5 days.
Can you tell why I love this so much??

What are some of your favorite beauty finds?

Friday, October 24, 2014

All About The Wine

Shockingly, this is not the title of my future documentary. but maybe it should be?
Anyways, I am LOVING the color wine this fall and I cannot get enough of it!
Clothes,Shoes, Lip Color, Nail colors give me them all!

I want to say I bought one of everything, bc let's be honest, Old Navy is on a ROLL right now. Has anyone else noticed that?
I did snag these two beauties and I cannot wait for the eye rolling to commence when I wear this graphic tee ;).
I'm thinking the sweater will be perfect with my new herringbone vest!

2. Good vibes
I had a little procedure done this week and I will have my test results back in a few days. I am sure everything is fine, but I would appreciate all the prayers/good vibes I can get  :).

How cow y'all. Have you listened to Little Big Town's new album, Painkiller? I have always loved them, but this album just refreshes my obsession. They are SO talented. My personal favorites are Girl Crush and Quit Breaking Up With Me.

4. Cupcake Red Velvet
Temps are dropping and it's time to bust out the red wine.
I swear there are few things better than a good glass of red wine and SCANDAL.
Tyler came home with a bottle for me this week and I don't think I could have hugged his neck any tighter. #keeper

5. Black Boots
Black boots are hard to come by.
However, I do love these Jessica Simpson's. Maybe if I stopped my random trips to Target  three times a week, I could save up and get them. #struggleisreal

Happy Friday y'all!
I'm excited for a weekend of UK and Titans Football!

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Ulta 20% Off Coupon

Keeping it short and sweet today, but I had to share some of my Ulta favorites that I will be stocking up on with my 20% off coupon!
All of these items have the Jordon stamp of approval!

Ulta 20% off finds

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